Wenzhou Jingdong Leather Co., Ltd. Is a modern leather enterprise integrating product design, production and sales. With leather and belt two major industries as the leading products, the company has excellent management, design and marketing team, held by the East brand, leather goods sales outlets throughout the country. The company always adhere to market-oriented brand as the leading business strategy, with "quality, sincere hospitality, people-oriented" business philosophy, has been developing rapidly in recent years, growing comprehensive strength.
  Jingdong brand series belt has always been to fine craftsmanship and exquisite material, elegant and modern design style, simple and elegant, fully embodies the western free fashion clothing accessories connotation, since the launch has been affected by the European and American celebrities are respected, become an influential brand. Its products include men's belts, leather belts, women's belts, hardware belts, woven belts, cotton belts and so on.  
  Our company has more than ten years leather making experience in leather industry. It has superior leather making process, and selects high quality raw leather and chemical raw material. The leading products of high-grade leather suede garment leather, pigskin suede garment leather, washable suede leather, garment leather, garment leather, pearl two suede leather, imitation sheepskin clothing leather, two layer of cattle garment leather upper leather and etc.. And in accordance with customer requirements, production and processing shoes, leather, leather and other luggage.
  What we pursue is quality and timeliness, adhere to the "today's quality, tomorrow's market" quality policy, to customer satisfaction as our responsibility. In recent years, the company has accelerated the application of new technologies, and vigorously developed new products, and constantly improve product quality, market-oriented, the implementation of brand strategy and export strategy.
  Jingdong people will further shape good, ahead of the corporate culture, sincere and international top brand standards and stronger advanced leather industry, adhere to the "to do better!" Tenacious faith in creating international brands; and will extend the industrial development of the antennae to the ecological environmental protection and technology properties and other fields; the inheritance of the fighting spirit, the pursuit of excellence "spirit of enterprise, to create a learning team, to achieve the sustainable development of enterprises.